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Design, texts and photographs: Dr. Hans H. Stassen, Dübendorf/Switzerland

Special thanks to Dr. Werner Vogt, Bad Sobernheim, for his detailed comments and valuable remarks on historical events and geological characteristics of the region, and also to Kurt-Werner Augenstein from Meisenheimer Gymnasium for allowing the use of the pictures from Geotop "Steigerberg". I am indebted to Uli Holzhausen from the documentation center in the District of Bad Kreuznach (email: uli.holzhausen@kreis-badkreuznach.de) for his valuable support of this project, and Julius Reisek from the 'Heimatwissenschaftliche Zentralbibliothek' in Bad Kreuznach (email: julius.reisek@kreis-badkreuznach.de) for his many years of helpful assistance with the research.

Last update: September 30, 2018

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