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Barefoot for a special kind of experience

When it's not snow melting and it hasn't rained like a bucket for days on end, the Nahe is a good and harmless river, gentle and cuddly. So why not try to cross the Nahe the way it used to be, but is now out of fashion? The barefoot path at Bad Sobernheim offers two possibilities for a rather unconventional crossing: a ford that leads through shallow, slowly flowing water to the other side or a small, manually operated Nachen, where all visitors can act as their own ferryman. In fact, just a few centuries ago, when fixed bridges were scarce, shallow fords through the rivers and good ferry berths were the determining fixed points for most traffic routes. Names of towns and villages ending in "-furt" refer to this fact. The citizens of Bad Sobernheim experienced in a rather curious way that at that time even stone bridges did not necessarily guarantee problem-free near crossings, shortly after they had completed their stone bridge over the Nahe in the years 1623-1626. After a violent storm, in which the Nahe had overflowed its banks and flooded the surrounding land, the river looked for another bed and literally left the new bridge out of water. Fortunately, we are largely immune to such surprises today, even though the Nahe is still overflowing its banks, flooding meadows and houses.

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Opening hours
The barefoot path is open from May till October, between the hours of 9:00 and 20:00. Dogs are not allowed.

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