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Cochem on the Mosel

This town of 7000 inhabitants, with its twisting narrow streets and medieval character offers numerous attractions for tourists. Among them are the Ender gate, the Balduin gate, the Capuchin cloister, the market-square, the city hall, the Bock fountain, as well as a remarkable series of stairways. Straight up above the town and the Mosel, lies the Reichsburg. Built around the year 1000, as a castle of the count palatine. It was destroyed by the troops of the French king, Louis XIV. 130 years ago, an industrialist from Berlin bought the ruins and had it rebuilt in the style of the original period in which it was built. His impressive collection of renaissance art is on display there.

The nearby Pinnerberg is also worth a visit (there is a chair lift), with its panorama of the Mosel valley over to the Hunsrück. Another site with castle ruins is the Winneburg in the Enderbach valley.

Picturesque medieval marketplace of Cochem (Mosel Valley)
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