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Ellerspring (657 m) and the Wildburg Heights (629 m)

If you take the road from Bad Sobernheim to Gemünden, you cut straight across the Soonwald foothills before reaching the Zollstock heights and as you approach the hamlet of Daubach the forest opens up and your view falls on the main Soonwald range in the distance. On the highest point a television tower has been placed. This point, which is also the highest point of the entire Soonwald range, is called Ellerspring. In order to visit this place you have to drive past Daubach, Winterburg, Winterbach and Kreershäuschen to the "Rennweg" with a parking lot for hikers. Rennweg (the name can probably be deduced from "Rhine Route") is one of the most ancient long-distance roads of prehistoric times. It runs along the Hunsrück Heights and today is a part of the European long-distance hiking trail Nr. 3, which leads from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Entenpfuhl is the name of the surrounding forest district which encompasses almost boundless and wholly untouched emerging forests where the legendary Hunter of Kurpfalz once roamed.

Wildburg Heights and ruins of Wildburg Castle in winter («Soonwald» Forest)
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