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Hildegardisweg: Contemplative Path

The official title of the recently (2018) opened Hildegardis Trail is «Hildegard von Bingen Pilgerwanderweg» (Pilgrims' Way of Hildegard von Bingen). With a total length of 137 km (85 miles), it leads from the town of Idar-Oberstein to the town of Bingen at the mouth of the Nahe river into the Rhine, in close vicinity of the two monasteries Rupertsberg and Eibingen. The trail is laid out around its natural center of Bad Sobernheim and the Disibodenberg hill, where Hildegard von Bingen lived during the first 50 years of her life. The Hildegardis Trail offers a wide variety of different experiences. Dr. Annette Esser, one of the initiators of the trail, summarized this as follows: people using the trail with a spiritual goal in mind may enjoy the athletic aspects as well, while others coming with sporting ambitions may also experience the trail's spiritual aspects. However, common to all the different ways of enjoying the Hildegardis Trail are unforgettable memories of the unique cultural heritage found almost everywhere in the Nahe Valley.

The picture on the right is taken from the «Lucca Codex» (Liber Divinorum Operum), the final book of Hildegard von Bingen which she wrote during the years 1163-1170. The book is skillfully illustrated with full-page tableaus carried out at the Skriptorium of the Rupertsberg monastery. We see Hildegard with an opened book in her hand, giving a lesson in front of an audience. The «Lucca Codex» is held by the Library of State in Lucca/Tuscany (Italy).

Lucca Codex (Liber Divinorum Operum: 1163-1170)
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