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On Idarkopf Mountain

Idarkopf is above the town of Rhaunen, far on the eastern edge of Idarwald mountain range, and because of its exposed position is visible far and wide. If you approach from the east, from Kirchberg, the effect is like a compact massif, whose woody sides gently slope. This impression grows stronger as you get closer. For example, on the road from the village of Oberkirn to Rhaunen, having reached the heights your view is extended, or near the village of Gösenroth, where you are directly opposite the mountain ridge. Idarkopf, however, is not a mountain with a well-defined peak. Hence it is not easy to determine its true "peak" without help. Fortunately, there is the observation tower here, whose highest platform marks the highest assessable point. On the way up you certainly have a great number of stairs to deal with, whose exact number, unfortunately, is a bit unclear, since during my last visit school children came up with varying results —despite repeatedly climbing up and down. Even without further verification climbing the tower is in any case worthwile because of the breathtaking view at the top.

Photo: The Idarkopf is not a mountain with a pronounced peak. Therefore, it is not that easy to find its actual "peak" without any tools. Fortunately, there is the observation tower, which is visible from far away from every direction and whose top platform is probably the highest climbable point on Idarkopf.

Survey of the Idarkopf mountain from the vista point of Oberkirn road («Idarwald» Forest)
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