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Bad Sobernheim, newest 'Bath' in the Nahe valley

Bad Sobernheim is the newest of the three 'Baths' in the Nahe valley and is therefore overshadowed by the two older ones: Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein. This is a bit unfair, though, because Bad Sobernheim has its very own special and attractive qualities. The standards are high. There is a new and impressive infrastructure with three health-resort hotels managed by doctors who consider holistic and natural treatments not to be trends that come and go, but have emphasized them for decades. It is here that the Pastor Emmanuel Felke, a natural healer (naturopath) worked, beginning in the year 1915. He made mud (healing earth), air, light, and water the bases for his treatment methods. These are complemented today by the latest findings of nutritional science as well as the most modern diagnostic techniques. Here, a "cure" doesn't mean just following a program, but it means a harmony of comfort, health and nature. Just how important this is, has been newly documented by scientific studies which show, in an impressive way, how the immune system, blood pressure, levels of cholesterol, uric acid and liver function can be influenced for the better.

Photo: The Mattheiser Summer Academy is under the artistic direction of Udo Schneberger and, in the best festival tradition, combines international master classes with concerts by world-famous artists and young masters of tomorrow.

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