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Matthias church at Bad Sobernheim

Five hundred years ago the Matthias church was completed with the construction of the Rubens tower on its west side. Parts of the old Romanesque church are still visible in the Willigisturm and date to 1000 years ago. Between these two dates, the choir room (14th century) and the nave (15th century) were built. The numerous art historical details are given in the brochures available in the church. Every third Wednesday of the month there is a tour at three o'clock in the afternoon. Please find out about the regular concerts given by well-known soloists at the Stumm organ. The Artistic highlight of the year is always the Matthias church summer academy's festival week.

Johann Michael Stumm (1683-1747), was an organ builder of Hunsrück who was well known far beyond his own region of Sulzbach in the Idar forest. He founded an organ building dynasty that produced more than 200 beautifully hand made instruments of excellent sound quality.

Photo: The modern tracery windows by Georg Meistermann are very impressive and of high artistic value.

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