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People of the Nahe valley

In the Nahe valley Celtic, Roman and Franconian influences mingle together. Local people here have had to experience life under many different rulers. These experiences create resilient people, able to survive life's ups and downs, and even able to find positive aspects to them. Someone who has to suffer different rulers and who recognises their weaknesses obviously also learns how to benefit from these. The famous German faith in authority is therefore rather weak in this region. The inhabitants of the Nahe are quite realistic and stand with both feet on the ground, particularly because there is so much to celebrate at the Nahe. So whatever they do, whether working or celebrating they do not compromise.

The picture shows the Nahe wine queen (1988-1989) Margit Klein-Forster from Bretzenheim an der Nahe (left) as well as Sigrid Theis, the leader of the traditional costume group from Schauren with a colleague and the local mayor Manfred Ströher from Schauren (Hunsrück).

Local garb of the Hunsrück region (Nahe Valley, Hunsrück)
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