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The Nahe valley reflected by the seasons

The four seasons have been crucial to the lives of our ancestors, and have been depicted many thousands of times in art and music. A good example of this is Vivaldi's violin concerto which makes the four seasons come alive for us.

Unfortunately, our hectic working life hardly gives us the possibility of living with the seasons, not to mention really experiencing them. Does it happen to you sometimes that you notice with a shock that summer is over and so is fall and the new year is just around the corner, without you having noticed it happening?

Be inspired by impressions of the seasons in the Nahe valley. Come here often, to where nature is a presence that lets you accompany and experience it through the changing seasons.

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Noteworthy illustrated book
Dr. Hans H. Stassen: Kulturlandschaft Nahetal und Hunsrück; Verlag Ars Nova, Bad Sobernheim, 2003

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