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Oberwesel on the Rhine

A few kilometres downstream of Bacharach is the city Oberwesel. It is not as famous and picturesque as Bacharach, but it is ancient and was already populated by the Treverians in Celtic times. In the third century A.D. The medieval fortification consisted of at least 21 towers (18 of which still exist today), several city gates, the Niederburg as well as the Northern Ochsenturm (=Ox tower). In total it is one of the best-preserved medieval fortifications of this kind in the Rhineland. It comes as no surprise then, that in Oberwesel this cultural heritage is looked after with great enthusiasm. This attitude has enabled the preservation of numerous lovingly restored half-timbered houses along the main road leading through the town centre.

You can see Oberwesel's medieval Liebfrauen Church from far away, not only because it is located a short distance outside the city centre on a small hill, but also because of its radiant red colour. It was built between 1308-1351, in the High Gothic period, and contains one of the oldest and most precious high altars in the Rhineland. Five medieval bells dating from 1353-1404 are some of the most valuable treasures of this Basilica, which has a particularly high central nave flanked by two lower side aisles. Next to the church is the start of the path up to Castle Schönburg. From there you have a beautiful 360-degree view: To one side you see the Liebfrauen Church and Oberwesel, and upstream the Fortress Pfalzgrafenstein lies in the distance, located in the middle of the Rhine near the little town of Kaub.

Photo: View of Oberwesel from the vantage point "Sieben-Jungfrauen-Blick" with the medieval Liebfrauen Church in bright red colour and the Schönburg castle from the 12th century. According to legend, seven sisters lived there long ago, whose beauty and sweetness were praised by many singers even in the farthest lands.

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