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Riesling, the noblest German grape

It takes a Nahe-vintner about 1000 hours of work per year and per hectare of vineyard ("Wingert") to prepare the ground, plant the grapevines, to deal with pest control, and of course, to harvest the grapes. This has not changed since the time of Vergil (79-19BC). It can be read about in his poems "Georgica" (Liber Secundus: 404-412) about agriculture:

When the grapevine has lost its last leaf,
when the north wind has taken
the ornaments of the forests with a frosty breath
the vintner thinks about the coming year.
He goes with the knife, the crooked sickle of Saturn,
into the desolate vines and cuts them back.
Dig the earth at once!
And into the fire with the vines, which you have cut.
And bring the framework under a roof,
then finally think of the harvest.
Twice per year shadow threatens the grapevines.
Twice do the rampant and stifling weeds encircle the plants:
a truly difficult business!

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