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Schauren on the 'Gem Road'

At the edge of Idarwald mountain range lies the village of Schauren with its half-timbered houses, which are so typical of the Hunsrück region and well worth seeing. The Baroque church built in 1767, and one of the most beautiful in Hunsrück, is a special attraction here. It is hall church, typical of the villages in Hunsrück, with a three-sided, semicircular apse at the end of the choir, a ridge turret across the western gable, and an entry porch with turned pillars and pilasters of wood. Highly worth noting is the onion-shaped roof of the porch, which is covered with native slate and which allows something of the richness of form from the Baroque period to shine through. In the interior of the church the colorfulness of the Late Baroque style in the painted heavens on wood reflects not only the folk art, but also a deeply felt sense of piety of these ordinary inhabitants of Hunsrück who lived such a meager lifestyle. In the gallery, where many pictures are artfully arranged, is a valuable Stumm organ from 1780. Johann Michael Stumm (1683-1747) was an organ builder who was famous far beyond his immediate area in Hunsrück (Sulzbach am Idarwald) and was esteemed for his work. He established a dynasty of organ builders, which produced more than 200 beautifully crafted and superior sounding instruments. Another highly recommended excursion is to the nearby town of Stipshausen where another Hunsrück treasure is to be found: a village church which also has an elaborate gallery and a beautiful Stumm organ.

Photo: The baroque church of Schauren, built in 1767, is one of the most beautiful churches in Hunsrück. Particularly remarkable is the richness of colour of the wooden sky, painted in the late baroque style, as well as the gallery with its many artistic pictures and the Stumm organ.

Baroque church in Schauren with painted heavens on wood («Idarwald» Forest)
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