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Wildenburg mountain near Kempfeld

On the top of Wildenburg Mountain (Wildenburger Kopf), one of the highest peaks of Wildenburg Ridge at 675 m, stood an important Celtic refuge with a double ring wall during the Latène Age (500 to 20 BC). Together with the grounds further west near Otzenhausen and on Ringskopf mountain, as well as the "Altburg" fortress further east near Bundenbach, this formed an extensive system for defense and protection by the Celtic tribe of Treverians. The key strategic importance of Wildenburg for those times becomes clear when you stand on the platform of the observation tower and enjoy the sweeping panoramic views —an extremely rewarding outing at any time of year and in any weather. To the north you can see the Eifel region and to the Ardennes, to the east the Taunus region, and in the southeast you recognize the prominent massif of Donnersberg mountain. At 687m, Donnersberg is the highest point of the Nordpfalz Region, on whose summit plateau rests the third largest Celtic "oppidum" of central Europe, with an 8.5km long system of ring walls and an enclosed area of 240 hectares.

Photo: In piercing cold on the observation tower of Wildenburg mountain after a blizzard. In the valley lies the snowy village Kempfeld.

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