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Boppard with its Rhine loop

The remains of the fourth century Roman camp, the medieval towers, the powerful gates and the mighty twelfth century romanesque double towers of the Severus church (nave 1225), dominate this small town. Boppard lies at the largest loop of the Rhine, which changes its direction, turning at almost 180 degrees. This means that the Rhine flows in one direction and, after a narrow turn, out again in the other direction.

The rocky crest of the Alteburg offers a splendid view of the river and its loop. This loop was caused by the mighty massif of the Boppard Hamm and the rough Filser Ley, on the opposite side of the river. On the southern slopes of the Hamm ridge, lies one of the largest continuous wine growing areas of the middle Rhine.

Photo: View of Boppard with the late Romanesque St. Severus church from 1225 with its mighty double towers that dominate the townscape. On the banks of the Rhine you can see the Electoral Castle with its square keep, which was built in 1340 as a fortress by Archbishop Balduin of Luxembourg.

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