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Mörsburg Castle near Wiesendangen

Mörsburg Castle is located directly above the hamlet «Stadel» and is part of the municipality of Winterthur. In the days of its glory, the castle was comprised of several large buildings arranged in a well-fortified structure. The castle's very beginnings date back to the 11th century when Earl Adalbert von Mörsburg (-Nellenburg) initiated a major extension and fortification of an earlier manor house. In the year 1241, the first preserved documentary mention refers to the Counts of Kyburg as legitimate owners. This is also the period (around 1250) in which the castle's early-gothic chapel was integrated in the central building (keep). A few years later (1273) the castle fell to Earl Rudolf von Habsburg by inheritance. It was then given as a fief to the reeve of the town of Oberwinterthur. During the Sempacher and Appenzeller wars the castle was completely destroyed by the Swiss Confederation, except for the keep (1386). Twohundred years later the city of Winterthur purchased the estate (1598) and upgraded the building such that it could serve as the district administrators' mansion. Today, the tower house with its early-gothic chapel, the ruins of the nights' house along with the foundations of several other buildings can be visited by tourists, thus giving witness of history and cultural heritage. Of particular interest is the widely visible «Megalith Stonework» with a wall thickness of up to 5 meters. The tower house hosts the museum of the Historic Society of Winterthur with very instructive exhibitions. The castle's banquet hall with its impressive stuccowork is used for official events.

Photo: Mörsburg Castle near Wiesendangen in the vicinity of Winterthur (Switzerland).

Mörsburg Castle near Wiesendangen (Switzerland)
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